What are “Era Correct” Parts & Accessories for ICBC Collector Plates Program

As a car club in British Columbia we have many members who participate in the Collector Vehicle Plates program that ICBC offers.

ICBC Collector PlatesICBC Collector Plates Image  are a special license plate that shows your vehicle is a real classic.   The program offers a discounted insurance rate as the vehicle is driven occasionally for pleasure use only.   To qualify a detailed application along with photos are required for acceptance into the program.

One of the hot topics that often comes up in our meetings is the accepted parts and accessories for the ICBC Collector Plates program.   To apply and maintain collector status, all aftermarket, non-factory options or accessories must be era correct to be approved.  The definition as provided by ICBC on “Era Correct” states that the parts and accessories must have been available within 2 years (plus or minus) of the motor vehicle’s model year.

ICBC Collector Plates “Era Correct” Parts & Accessory List


Click here to connect to ICBC Website and review the Approved Parts and Accessories List

It is up to the vehicle owner to continue to maintain and ensure they have approved parts and accessories for the ICBC Collector Plates program.   There are several situations where members were notified by ICBC that a complaint had been filed against their collector status by an anonymous member of the public.  If this does happen, it is vital for the vehicle owner to have documents as to the era correct nature of parts & accessories.  The general public and even so called experts aren’t always right when it comes to the ICBC Collector Plates Program.   If you are part thinking of applying  or looking to modify your existing collector vehicle with parts and accessories always a good idea to check with ICBC first.  Ensure you have done your research and get it in writing they have documented any changes from the original application.

The article and the opinions are for information only,  For more the most updated information on the program and all the rules and regulations please visit the ICBC website:


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